According to my opinion, studying a foreign language is just not about the language.But also about that culture.As an example, learning Japanese is not just about learning the grammar points and alphabet but also learning about the Japanese culture.

Just studying a language without experiencing the culture,doesn’t complete your knowledge about that language. Because of that reason ASAHI Cultural Academy organizing a Yukata program every year to give an opportunity to the foreign students to experience the Japanese culture. The annual Yukata program was held in 13th October.

Yukata is a simple kimono which can wear easily.And we were dressed by professional yukata dressers. I think it was the first yukata experience for most of the students in our language school.And every students were happy and excited. Not only that today we got a chance to play Japanese game named ‘Kamizumo’, which is called as paper wrestling.It was so fun and also we played other games too. These kind of experiences comforting the busy lives of foreign students.^^

(By Udeka)