Sports Meet 2022

The annual sports meet of ASAHI Cultural Academy was held in 29th September 2022.
Sports meet in Japan is kind of different than my country.Because normally in my country we are playing games such as volleyball,badminton,etc.But in Japan they are doing some fun and interesting games such as spoon relay,scavenger hunt,tug of war,three-legged race,etc.

It was our first experience of sports meet in Japan.We were happy and excited about it.And we go time to practice those games before the sports meet with our teachers.And they taught us well how to do those games because we haven’t done some of them before.
The sports meet was held in Tsuyuhashi Sports Center. Before starting the sports meet all the students and teachers did Japanese historical Radio Taiso workout.

And there were six teams of students as Red team,Blue team,Purple team,Green team,Orange team and Yellow team.All the students were doing their best to make their team to win the 1st prize.And all of them had such a great team work. Though we are from different countries it doesn’t matter, through this sports meet we got a good chance to improve our Japanese and also to strengthen our friendship.

We had a long fun day. We collected so many good memories. And it’s a pleasure to attend to a sports meet in Japan as a new experience.And as always I’m really thankful to our language school ASAHI Cultural Academy for giving us these kind of unforgettable memories.
(By Udeka)